Chairman’s Message

Working to promote cricket for the blind, to me and my team is much more than merely a game of recreation or pleasure. It is a tool of confidence, competition, overcoming obstacles and a life lesson for the blind community.

In this context, the mission of Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) under my guidance is to serve the blind community by enhancing the opportunities to play cricket.
Using cricket as a tool, we have indeed, revolutionized the lives of blind people as we dedicate our lives in strengthening and promoting this cause.

It merits mentioning here that Pakistan blind cricket team remains the top ranked and holds a total of 19 world records in international cricket.

Cricket has not only given the blind people confidence and exposure, but has helped them in obtaining an outstanding status in the society. It is remarkable and humbling for me and my team that even a common person knows about the blind cricket and the achievements of Pakistan Blind Cricket Team.

It is even more amazing considering the countless remarkable jobs blind persons are doing professionally,in society, their cricketing activities are highlighted. Blind players and team management are paid very less as compared to our sighted team and us, the management of PBCC and affiliated clubs do all this work voluntarily. Our main achievement is that we have brought a change in the lives of the blind people through training and discipline to an extent that the differences between a blind cricketer and a common blind person in posture, public dealings, confidence and outlook towards life have become too obvious and are easily observed.

At PBCC, we live by the principle of accountability, transparency and equal rights. Since I took over thePBCC as Chairman, we have focused on strengthening the domestic structure of club organization; improving basic cricketing facilities for the players; and supporting their higher education particularly at university level.

We have done our best we could in our limited capacity. Of all the organizations currently being operated by persons with disabilities in Pakistan, I am proud to state that today, PBCC is considered the most active and efficacious organization at home and abroad. Our
management and organizational skills are recognized worldwide. Many of other countries follow our lead and seek guidance from us in the domains of game and management which we happily provide.

For all this, I am thankful to all my team members who have helped me to “turn a dream in to a reality”; and expect that they would also work with same enthusiasm, increased diligence and augmented dedication in the future.

Lastly, Pakistan will be hosting blind cricket world cup 2018 to be held jointly in Pakistan and Dubai, for which we have started preparations.
It, no doubt, is a mega event in terms of participation and scope; and therefore, requires greater preparations for which I invite all to come forward and join hands to make this event a success for Pakistan.

I would also like to highlight here that while financial support is significant, but it is not the only way that any person can help in the organization of this event. Therefore, I would request that if you are willing to help, come to us and we will find a way for you to support this national cause.

Pakistan Paindabaad!

Syed Sultan Shah,

Chairman (PBCC)