PBCC Blind Cricket Super League live scores by Crickslab

Previous International event record of Pakistan Blind Cricket Team (1998 till 2024)

SeriesMonth/YearSeries TypeMatches PlayedWonLostDrawnResultVenueHome/AwayScorecard
Pakistan vs IndiaFeb-2024T-20 Int’l3120India won by 2-1Dubai-UAEAway
IBSA World GamesAugust 2023T-20 Int’l5500Pakistan won the Gold MedalBirmingham-UKAway
Triangular Series (Pak, Ind & Bangladesh)March 2022T-20 Int’l5500Pak won the seriesSharjah-UAEAway
Pakistan Vs South AfricaFeb-March
One-Day Intl3300Pakistan won by 3-0Karachi PakistanHome
Pakistan Vs South AfricaFeb-March
T-20 Int’l3300Pakistan won by 3-0Lahore, FaisalabadHome
Triangular Series (Pak, Ind & Bangladesh)April 2021T-20 Int’l3300Pak won the seriesDhaka-BangladeshAway
Pakistan vs EnglandNovember 2019T-20 Int’l6600Pak won by 6-0Ajman-UAEHome
Pakistan vs Sri LankaFeb-March 2019T-20 Int’l3300Pakistan won by 3-0Colombo-Sri LankaAway
Pakistan vs Sri LankaFeb-March 2019One-Day Intl3300Pakistan won by 3-0Colombo-Sri LankaAway
5th World Cup Cricket of the BlindJanuary 2018One-Day Intl7520Pak stood Runners UpPakistan & UAEHome
2nd T-20 World Cup Cricket of the BlindJan-Feb 2017T-20 Int’l111010Pak stood Runners UpNew Delhi Bangalore-IndiaAway
Pakistan vs Sri LankaApril 2016One-Day Intl3300Pakistan won by 3-0Gujranwala Lahore
Pakistan vs Sri LankaApril 2016T-20 Int’l3300Pakistan won by 3-0Faisalabad, PakistanHome
Asia CupJanuary 2016T-20 Int’l5410Pak stood Runners UpKochi-IndiaAway
4th World Cup Cricket of the BlindDecember 2014One-Day Intl8710Pak stood Runners UpSouth AfricaAway
Pakistan vs IndiaFebruary 2014T-20 Int’l3300Pakistan won by 3-0Lahore & Faisalabad PakistanHome
Pakistan vs IndiaFebruary 2014One-Day Intl3210Pakistan won by 2-1Karachi PakistanHome
1st T-20 World Cup Cricket of the BlindDecember 2012T-20 Int’l10910Pak stood Runners UpBangalore-IndiaAway
Pakistan vs IndiaMarch 2012T-20 Int’l3120India won by 2-1New Delhi-IndiaAway
Pakistan vs IndiaMarch 2012One-Day Intl3120India won by 2-1New Delhi-IndiaAway
Pakistan vs Australia SeriesFeb-March 2011One-Day Intl3300Pakistan won by 3-0AustraliaAway
Pakistan vs Australia SeriesFeb-March 2011T-20 Int’l3300Pakistan won by 3-0AustraliaAway
Pakistan vs IndiaNovember 2011One-Day Intl3300Pakistan won by 3-0Islamabad PakistanHome
Pakistan vs IndiaNovember 2011T-20 Int’l3210Pakistan won by 2-1Lahore PakistanHome
Pakistan Vs NepalDecember 2010T-20 Int’l2200Pak won by 2-0Lahore & Faisalabad PakistanHome
Pakistan Vs NepalDecember 2010One-Day Intl3300Pak won by 3-0Mirpur, AJK & Islamabad PakistanHome
Pakistan vs South AfricaNov-Dec, 2010One-Day Intl3300Pak won by 3-0South AfricaAway
Pakistan vs South AfricaNov-Dec, 2010T-20 Int’l3300Pak won by 3-0South AfricaAway
Pakistan vs EnglandApril, 2010T-20 Int’l1100Pak won by 1-0UAEHome
Pakistan vs EnglandApril, 2010One-Day Intl3300Pak won by 3-0UAEHome
Pakistan vs Sri LankaNov-Dec 2008T-20 Int’l1100Pak won by 1-0Lahore, PakistanHome
Pakistan vs Sri LankaNov-Dec 2008One-Day Intl5500Pak won by 5-0Lahore, PakistanHome
3rd World Cup Cricket of the BlindDec 2006One-Day Intl8602Pak won the World CupIslamabad, PakistanHome
Pakistan vs EnglandMay 2006One-Day Intl5311Pak won by 3-1EnglandAway
Pakistan vs IndiaApril 2005One-Day Intl5041India Won by 4-0New Delhi, IndiaAway
Pakistan vs IndiaFeb-March 2004One-Day Intl5410Pak won by 4-1Lahore, Sheikhopura & Islamabad PakistanHome
2nd World Cup Cricket of the BlindDec 2002One-Day Intl7700Pak won the World CupChennai- IndiaAway
Pakistan vs EnglandAugust 2002One-Day Intl4310Pak won the series 3-1EnglandAway
Pakistan Vs South AfricaNov 2000Test Match1001Test Match DrawnSouth AfricaAway
Pakistan Vs South AfricaNov 2000One-Day Intl7601Pak won by 6-0South AfricaAway
1st World Cup of Cricket of the BlindDecember 1998One-Day Intl8530Pak stood Runners UpNew Delhi, IndiaAway
  • Series: Indicates the year and the opposing team.
  • Series Type: Indicates whether the series was a T20I (Twenty20 International) or a One-Day International (ODI).
  • Opponent: Name of the opposing team.
  • Matches Played: Total number of matches played in the series.
  • Matches Won: Number of matches won by Pakistan.
  • Matches Lost: Number of matches lost by Pakistan.
  • Matches Drawn: Number of matches drawn (if applicable).
  • Result: Outcome of the series (e.g., Pakistan won the series 2-1).
  • Venue: Indicates where each series was played (e.g., Pakistan, England, India, Sri Lanka).
  • Home/Away: Indicates whether the series was played at home (Pakistan) or away (opponent’s country).


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